Healing and Restoration through Christ in Community

Welcome to At the Cross Recovery, Mechanicsburg PA! ATCR is a place where people who are struggling can engage their healing journey, become a part of a safe community, and grow in loving God and others.  We are excited to not only support people who are working through their own personal recovery, but also care for those who are impacted indirectly through a loved one’s addiction. 


At the Cross Recovery was called to serve through the prayers and dreams of people who wanted a safe place where they can incorporate faith in Jesus Christ as an integral part of their recovery. 


Since our early beginnings in 2013, we have witnessed God work in people's addiction and brokenness, who were without hope find healing and continued support as they seek recovery and freedom.  We hope you connect with us soon!




our core values

importance of community

Healing and restoration is best done in community

We were created to heal in community and not handle life’s struggles alone. There is a necessity to journey alongside one another down life’s path.

A Safe and Confidential environment

Commitment to a safe community

A safe and confidential community is essential for healing and restoration from addictive behavior and brokenness.

Restoration impacts all aspects of life

There is a ripple effect in our lives

Becoming spiritually and emotionally whole positively affects relationships and life situations.

freedom through christ

Healing is transformational through our relationship with God

The healing journey happens through relationship with Jesus Christ, receiving the Father’s love, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

following jesus

We desire to have Jesus be the central focus of our lives and remove the distractions that hinder us

Building and strengthening relationships with God and Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit are central to our lives.

god's word applied to our daily lives

There is freedom as we internalize God's word and truth for our lives

Learning and responding to God’s word helps us to discover His love and His truth for our lives.

A Word About Us

Our community understands and cares about people caught in addiction, addictive behavior and brokenness, and the impact to families and loved ones. We are passionate about Jesus Christ, and we believe that He is the One who provides our true deep healing and restoration. We are young and old, professional and blue-collar, we are lifelong Christians, and brand new in faith. We carry plenty of scars, both ones that you can see and ones that are underneath the surface - and we understand the pain that drives the behavior that brought some of us to a very dark and lonely place.


We know what lost hope, shame, and stigma feels like; and we know how empowering it is to experience hope, peace, and freedom again.  And most importantly, we love all kinds of people and welcome them into a loving and safe community. When people describe our community, they use words like safe, non-judgmental, loving, caring, and accepting. To us everyone is significant and important, needs love and understanding. We get that, we live that! 

Weekly Meetings

Every Tuesday Evening 7:00PM-8:30PM


1050 S York St
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055



*Please park in rear of building for ease of access*

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1050 S York St
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