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Living Ways to be Free - Let Us Help You Find Freedom

"Guess what - your not an addict! No, you are a child of God struggling with an addiction..." ~ Dr. John King


Before Addiction = Pain = Using = Got Addicted = Rehab and Recovery = Clean Time = Pain/Trigger = Relapse and Recovery = Clean Time = Pain/Trigger = Relapse and Recovery = Clean Time = Pain/Trigger = Relapse and Recovery = Clean Time = REPEAT....Look Familiar? Why?

                                       "If we are in Jesus, then so is our situation." ~ Graham Cooke

At The Cross Recovery believes Jesus Christ can heal and restore a person from the deep wounds that contribute to addiction. Without this Healing, the cycle of addiction and relapse usually continues and traps us and repeats throughout our lifetime. Finding Freedom from this cycle starts with a persons own unique personal Healing Journey. 
Ok, but what does that mean?

For a person to effectively engage in a healing journey with Jesus, they need a basic level of spiritual maturity. As people strengthen and grow their personal relationship with Jesus, this ultimately prepare's them to experience Gods truth and healing. Ok, but I'm not there... 


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions or had any of these thoughts?
What does freedom from addiction look like for me? How can I prevent relapse? I've gone clean or been clean, but I know how close I am to slipping? I'll never change. Sobriety - that's just something for other's not me? Doe you feel shame over the word "addict"?

Freedom has many In addition to attending weekly meetings in a safe community, we believe there is a way to freedom from addiction.  here is a healing jerouney ur philosophy of recovery comes with the following “steps” that are shaped in the form of a V.  This model of Formational Prayer has been inspired and developed by Dr. Terry Wardle of Healing Care Ministries (

Each of us are born into a LIFE SITUATION, and in that life situation each of us has some degree of DYSFUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOR.  We react in anger, we use drugs and alcohol in excess, we overeat, we procrastinate, we are perfectionists, or a host of other behaviors.  This relates to addiction, because we believe that addiction is whatever someone does to cover up his or her pain.  If we are willing to look at what is driving our dysfunctional behavior, we will see that it is driven by EMOTIONAL UPHEAVAL.  Depression, anger, fear, shame, and a host of other emotions can drive us into emotional instability on some level.  And if we are willing to dig deeper to understand where this emotional upheaval comes from, we begin to see that it is fueled by FALSE BELIEFS: lies that we internalize in our hearts.  Examples of this include “I’m nothing but an addict, I’m beyond hope, I am damaged goods, I am worthless, all men want is sex, God is out to get me.”  These false beliefs cripple us and render us with an inability to cope.  And if we are willing to dig deeper, we see that those false beliefs had their beginning in DEEP WOUNDS: wounds that people did to us, wounds that we did to others, and wounds from godly things that we needed but did not receive like love, acceptance, purpose, etc.

Those wounds and lies are the things that we bring to Jesus Christ, our Higher Power.  We believe that Jesus takes our wounds upon Himself and heals us.  And so we can bring the same movies that we play over and over and over in our heads to Jesus and ask Him to heal us from our wounds and our painful memories.  This healing journey for those in recovery from addictive behavior and brokenness is often scary, painful, and difficult.  But we believe that true and lasting healing from those wounds is the kind of healing that produces wholeness and true and lasting change.

Through Christ, instead of living in our wounding, we can have HEALING and RESTORATION.  Through Christ, instead of living with internalized lies and false beliefs, we can know the truth—that God loves us, that He cares for us, etc.  And when we understand these kinds of truths, then instead of living in emotional upheaval, we can have a greater degree of JOY AND PEACE.  And when we have internalized joy and peace in our lives, then we can embrace EMPOWERED LIVING as opposed to dysfunctional behavior.  And that kind of lifestyle impacts our LIFE SITUATION.  This is much more than managing behavior: it is a lifestyle of greater and greater inner healing. And we believe that this kind of healing takes away addictive behavior for good.

The bottom line for us in our healing journey is this: we come to Jesus Christ as our higher power, and we trust Him to walk us in a journey of restoration.  We invite you to come and journey with us as we walk the path of true healing.

Tuesday Evening meetings

ATCR offers recovery meetings every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm that include the benefit of both large group and small group gatherings, as well as a focus on transformation and healing in a safe and confidential environment.

ATCR Outreaches

Part of our healing journey is to begin to look beyond ourselves and meet significant needs in the lives of others.  As a ministry, we endeavor to not only make this a lifestyle, but to offer opportunities for participants to reach beyond themselves and make a difference.

ATCR Retreats

There are times in everyone’s journey when it is good to take some time aside and engage your heart and journey with the Lord in a retreat format.  ATCR enjoys providing periodic retreats to enhance and deepen one’s journey.

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